Especially for Foster Teens

Foster care is not a choice made by teens. It is the decision given to them based on a major life change. Because of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, illness, disability, or incarceration of a parent, they are removed from their homes. This experience alters their deepest feelings and affects their lives.

As a result, they enter every relationship, foster home or group home with the silent questions: Are you the one who will make up for my loss? Can I trust you? They are prone to believing that their life does not matter much; often not realizing that they own the power within to accept a different attitude to have a better life.

Find Your Voice is “A River of Life” providing hope and healing. An outlet to help foster teens talk about the difficulty and pain of “yesterday” coupled with today’s disappointments and frustrations.

This blog is especially designed for current, emancipating and teens “aging out” of the foster care system. Our intention is to empower, motivate and help them to live life with PURPOSE!

I am doing research for a radio talk show for foster teens that will start September 13, 2010. Would you like to be a guest or share topics you think would be important and helpful for foster teens? Please email your story/comments to:

Thank you for visiting, share this with a foster teen.

Charissee Glover