The Fight

The Fight
I fought all my life to fit into the lives, family, heart, conversation and memory of others.  In every attempt I lost the fight.  In relationships I put the burden and high expectation on him to carry my pain from my childhood of rejection, abandonment and fear.  He couldn’t handle it –nor was he supposed to.  Crying until my heart felt like it was going to collapse, believing that the ropes of fear would keep me boxed in – to never witness the joy, happiness, peace and love in my life.
Oh, but one day, I woke up to ME.  The magnificent, beautiful, amazing and smiling ME.  The ME that is loving and kind.  The ME that made the decision and vow to love, honor, cherish and protect ME.  The fight is over.  I now realize the fight was ME vs. ME and we WON!

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